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Hey all. I am back and better than ever with a new name. I didn't want to post about the Aerosmith show until heartsdonetime could give me my new name. Well what do you think? Isn't it the cutest ever? I love it so fuckin much I could die!

Anyways, the show in Albany, blew my head off. OMG! Steven and Joe looked so GODDAMN gorgeous. Steven was wearing those white pants and the see thru shirt, and Joe was wearing a black shirt (HE HAD IT OPENED JULIE!) and black leather pants. They looked Dy-no-MITE!

Ok, so we got up to Albany around 4 PM, and Janie had left her freaking pocketbook on the train. OMG! She had NO money dude! OMG! But ya, anyways we got there at four. Oh yeah, I went to the show with Janie, Terry, Stacey, Trisha, Candi, Tara, Marsha, and Claire. And then as we were waiting for our tickets to be taken so we could go in, we saw, Tim, Paige, Cara, Sari, Tina, John, Tony, Bob, and Bobby B. It was so fun. Cara and Tina snuck up to our seats and we all were on the catwalk, slobbering over Steven and Joe. At one point Steven almost stepped on my finger, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

They did a smoking blues set, but I have to say that my favorite moment was when Steven sang part of Cryin to Cara, man she almost passed out for real!!!! It was so funny, she started to cry when he looked at her.
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