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Caleb Sucks!

Man, I am so fuckin mad at Caleb. He is such a fucking loser. I HATE HIM! He fuckin pissed me off to no end man. It is so sad. Ok, tonight we went to Janet's house and Tom, Carrie, Marshall, Tim, Bobby B, Stacey, Tara, Kandice, and Mike were there. And Mike was like Ash, you are a slut, because I was saying how I would love to fuck Johnny Depp and OMG! How hot he looked in POTC, and Caleb was like, yeah Ash, do you always have to say who you want to fuck in front of everyone? And I said, its just comments, do you see me sucking his dick Caleb? So Caleb got mad, stormed out of the fucking house and left me there. WITHOUT A WAY HOME! So, I had to get Kandice to take me home. And when I got there he left me a voice mail that said "Ashlee quit being a whore!" So I emailed him and we are totally fighting on aim. UGH

The good thing, I met this guy tonight on AIM. He is hot if he looks anything like his picture. He has long wavy brown hair, plays guitar, and he is so sweet. I am totally meeting up with him this weekend. Since I get called a whore all the time, may as well be one! So, this guys name is Dave. He is a babe!!! WOO FUCKIN HOO! Ash needs sex!
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Caleb is such a jerk! I hope Dave is as cute and sweet as he is on AIM, you deserve it! <33
OMG! You should break up with Caleb, he is always calling you a whore. What is up with that???
Wow. You should talk to Caleb about why he is so mean, or just go for this new guy.
Girls, I am just gonna ignore Caleb until he gets the point!