Fairy Glitter (fairy_glitter) wrote,
Fairy Glitter


Can you believe that I am actually posting? Is this scary as hell or what?

Well just to catch you up on things:
I have been away from the computer alot because the internet connection that we use was on my boyfriend's credit card and that card got stolen so we had to report it as stolen and then the connection we use got confused and tried to use so our bank that issued the card tried to charge them with theft. It was a big mess and we ended up getting a new connection.

Me and Dave were doing ok. But he is always out on the road doing what ever the hell he does for a job. So I have been seeing Caleb a bit. Just for fun. But Caleb is starting to get clinging so I am going to have to cut that out.

I also think I am pregnant. Not by Dave or Caleb. By this gorgeous guy Mike who is our next door neighbor. I have not told him anything yet because I'm sure he would be scared. I also do not know if I am for sure pregnant. Well I am going to the doctor to find out. I just need to make an appointment. I hope im not because when you get pregnant you get fat and ugly and I don't want to end up like my friend Telia. She got so fat and ugly!

Also, I am not in school this semester. I just needed a break. And my mother is so mad she spit fire over Christmas about it. EEWW!! Big mess! But I should be able to make my own discisions!
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