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Im here!

So chill out! he he he he he

Seriously, I have not been online very much because I moved in with Dave this week! We are so perfect together. He owns this amazing brownstone and I just love it. I am working on painting the kitchen because it was a hideous color of orange and I dont really like orange and he said I can do anything I want to the house because he is away on business alot so it is basically gonna be my pad. But he will be paying all of the bills. I also can quit my job and I may take a year off of school, because I am just so frazzled right now. But Im so happy. He is letting me drive his brand new Jag that he just got like a month ago while he is on the road! Ah! I am so loving Dave right now!

I still am unpacking and I have not told my mom that I moved or that I am even seeing Dave. She still thinks I'm seeing Caleb, I am not looking forward to telling her, so I told her I am staying at my friends' Tara's house for Winter Break. I need to tell her, but she loved Caleb and was pressuring me to be with him forever because she thinks I lost my virginity to him and that I owe him my life now. Oh well!

I got all of my Christmas shopping done, I put up the tree last night and stuck Pam, Stacey, Annie, Bobby B, Jeni, Julie, and tara's presents for me under there along with the 10!!!!!! presents from Dave under there. So I am happy in my new home!

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